Thinking that the most popular and known ad sites such as and are safe and totally trustworthy? You might be a little wrong. While some people are getting really good deals and find beautiful places for their vacation, other get fooled by easy money chasers.

Fake advertisements, loss of money and ruined vacations – Ana Rosales from Colorado was able to experience all of that. She was interested in a posting by Steven Oriley, a man claiming to own a lakeside cottage. Rosales was eager to move forward with rental plans therefore she didn’t question the ad posting too much, only making sure there were no spelling mistakes. A nice picture and description only increased the credibility. Mrs. Ana was not the only one who’s summer getaway dreams were destroyed. Klaus Stelzer and his wife Karin were even more shocked when they got interrupted by unexpected guests showing up at their cottage. Stelzer says vacationers have flocked to his cottage in Gravenhurst, ON with luggage claiming they rented the home from its owner through Kijiji. And the most important thing about it – German never advertised his cottage online or offered it for rental elsewhere.

Police say stories like that are very common. For this reason, there are a few things to watch out when booking a cottage:

1. RED FLAG is asked to wire funds instead of mailing a cheque

2. Use accredited and reputable rentals websites such as, , and etc.

3. Always check cottage and owner reviews

4. Make sure the cottage has website and contact information online

5. Always ask to meet the owner of the cottage face to face

6. Do not be so trusting – do not believe in discounts or any other perks

7. Remember that traps might be everywhere

However, one place you would sure like to be trapped in is Royal Blue Chalet. Located in Collingwood, Royal Blue provides an alternative to the cookie-cutter holiday experience. When booking with Royal Blue Chalets you can be sure there will be no fraud involved and an amazing stay is guaranteed. So whynot to make the last month of the summer the best month of the summer and experience something you have never had before. Without getting fooled.

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