TestimonialsWe’ve provided Collingwood holiday experiences to vacation renters across Ontario. See what people are saying about Royal Blue Chalets’ cottage rentals:

“The hassles of flying with kids and dogs meant we just about stopped taking family vacations. Then  we discovered Royal Blue Chalets! They offer the perfect staycation experience, providing everything a young family like ours needs to have a great time.”
— Lara Dickson, Ontario, Canada

“I got married in Collingwood and booked the Royal Blue Chalets for the wedding party instead of doing the usual and staying at hotels. What a great experience we had surrounded by luxurious privacy, free of noisy neighbours. And being able to have the whole wedding party stay together – with my family in one cottage and my wife’s in the other – brought us closer together with our families and with each other.
— Gavin Davidson, Toronto, Canada

“I’ve booked the Royal Blue Chalets multiple times for executive retreats for my team members. Not only does the privacy and seclusion provide us with an excellent atmosphere for getting work done, I find the communal living arrangements bring us closer together as a team. Most importantly, the owners are receptive to any special requests I have, while providing accommodations that are consistently of the highest quality.”
— Jackie McMullen, Sun Life Financial